My Teacher Essay

My teacher essay is basically on all about teachers. This is a very short essay.

In this post, we tried to cover all your queries regarding your teacher. Keeping the mind on kids and little higher class, like 10 & 12.

Enjoy this post on “my teacher essay”. Perfects for students and kids. Free PDF file is also available here.



My Teacher Essay 10 Lines

This short 10 lines essay on my teacher is specially for kids. Best for Class 2,3,4 & 5.

1. A teacher is someone who leads us to our life journey.

2. Teacher teaches us how to live a life.

3. In my school I have many teachers and madams.

4. They all teaches us and give us education.

5. My teachers are like my friends, they all love us.

6. We can share everything with our teachers.

7. Sometimes when I become unusual my teacher rebukes me.

8. I don’t mind that because that was for a good purpose.

9. They teaches us discipline, manners and leads us to the right direction.

10. Teachers are the best mentor of students life. So, we should respect them.


My Teacher Essay in English 150 Words

So, in this section, we mainly cover class 6,7,8,9 & 10. As it is in the length of 100-200 words, best for those students.

Points :
  • Introduction-
  • Influence of teachers upon you-
  • Develop your moral qualities under their guidance-
  • Conclusion-

Short Essay on Teacher:

A student can’t go without teachers. Obviously, I have got the company of many teachers in school and at home.

They care fully explain what I learn from books. Thus I acquire good knowledge in different subjects.

They advise me personally. They guide me in every way. Often at school I can’t find their company fully. But I manage to enjoy it in their leisure.

Apart from school, I study to my private tutors at home. They help me do my hometasks. I revise my study with their help.

Sometimes they rebuck me for my mistakes. But I do not mind that.

I learn many good habits from my teachers. They encourage me to form the habits of early rising, cleanliness.


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My Favourite Teacher Essay 200 Words

So in this section I am going to explain a brief description on my favourite teacher essay.

This is going to be a very simple and short essay within 200 words. So read this and enjoy the reading.

My Favourite Teacher

A teacher is an important person in everyone’s life. Teacher brings good education and lays the foundation for good habits.

I have a teacher in my life who plays a very important role in my life. And I never forget him throughout my entire life. His name is Rohan Saha, from my higher secondary school.

He is an English teacher, very young around 27 years old. I am very much passionate about his relationship-building strategy, the way he communicated with the people was just unbelievable.


He has full knowledge of his subject, the way he teaches us was full of interesting and impressive.

Actually he loves all the students of our school, infect he gives equal respect to all the students.

This is how I am pretty much impressed by his behavior. He helps us through our whole school life. And I am very grateful for that.

I personally believe that he give us real education which will really work through our entire life.

So, he is the one and only favorite teacher of my life. Who give me real education with all his best effort and support.

My Favourite Teacher Essay

When I was a student I met a teacher his name is Anand Rao, he was just amazing. They way he talk and teaches us was just fabulous.

His attitude towards every students was frankly just like a friend.

I never hesitate to share anything to him. He even ask us if anything seems unnatural to us.

He gives his best effort to teach us with his best knowledge. Most of the students love him the way he is.

Because during our session there was not any teacher like him.

The best thing about him is he teaches us with fun and enjoyment, and for that’s what every student love him very much.

I can proudly say that he is my favourite teacher as well as a mentor, guide, and friend.

Essay on My Best Teacher

I read in class 10 and in our school there are 22 teachers.

Well, this is very difficult for me to choose one of the best teachers. Because in my school maximum teachers are good.

They are just brilliant and have every quality a teacher has to be.

But if I have o choose only one teacher then it’s obvious to choose my English teacher.

He is one of the best teacher I have ever experienced. Because his teaching experience is just awesome.

He loves to make hard things more simple with the local language. So that everyone could understand things more easily.

I don’t even miss his any class. His every class is amazing we learn everyday new things from his class.

Things become so easy while he explains things in the local language. We don’t have any issue regarding understanding his topic.

And this is the main reason to choose him as my one of the best teacher I have ever experienced.


Teachers also try to calculate the values of punctuality, fellow feeling, discipline, etc. in my mind. I follow their ideals. I shall be ever grateful to them.


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