Myself Essay in 10 Lines 100-250 Words For Class 5-10

Hi readers, today I am going to share my essay with you all. This essay is written for school going students who are interested in writing myself essay only.

Essay on Myself is given below. But you don’t have to word it like it’s written here. Feel free to play with words, phrases, and paragraphs so it sounds more like you.


Everyone has a story, time for yours to begin. This is about you. In this essay, you will share your goals, aspirations and the rest of yourself with the admission staff for one of the greatest institutions of higher learning.

Myself Essay 10 Lines

This essay is about myself in 10 lines about some hidden facts, desires and my biggest dream.

1. Hi, My name is Abhijit Tiwari.

2. I was born on 20 November 1998 in Delhi.

3. I read in Class eight at St near Public School.

4. My father’s name is Shri. Tiwari and my mother name is Smt Niranjana Tiwari.

5. They are teachers by profession.

6. My father teaches in BMK school and my mother in our school.

7. I like the ambiance and behavior of my class fellows because they are my best friends.

8. I want to become an engineer and I hope to get one job.

9. I want to be successful in life and see my father happy by getting a good job.

10. My mother is a very loving, cooperative, and warm woman in our family, I love my family.

Myself Essay for Class 8

Myself essay for class 8 has been written for kids and students in English Language. If you are searching for myself essay for Class 8 then you are at the right place.

I am going to describe myself. There are many things about me. I am fond of different things in different ways. I like maths and history. My favorite subjects are maths and history. I like music very much, but not as much as sports and running.


In school, I like sitting a corner of the classroom rather than sitting near the teacher’s desk. To me, a lesson is an opportunity to listen and learn, not a chance to show off how much I can answer or how fast I can write down the right answers.

I like to play football and read books in my spare time. I also love travelling with my friends. The best part of my day is when I go out for a movie with my mother and father after the weekend.

Myself Essay for Class 10

Read here to find out all my interesting facts related to Myself Essay for Class 10. Take a look at our interesting essays that can help you know more about yourself.

I am a very simple boy. My parents live in my native place and I have a younger brother and sister both are studying in school. Whenever time permits, I read books and help my dad with the works that he has in his shop.


I think, I also like to write and read books. I am fond of new concepts and ideas, so I take up the innovative ideas. My favorite sports are swimming, volleyball and table tennis.

I am a very friendly, nice and sweet boy. I really like art, it’s one of the things that’s very amazing to me. One thing that really interests me is watersports, especially surfing. Also there are a lot of things I want to do this summer, like go to the beach as much as I can or go bungee jumping for example.

Myself Essay for College Students

Find the best Myself Essays. Learn how to write a Myself Essay, if you have no idea how!

Hey! I’m Nick, my fav color is green and I love basketball. Music is an important part of my life and you can regularly find me listening to Reggaeton, Pop and Rock as I study for my AP classes.

There are times when I can be quiet and shy, but I also love being friendly and social with other people. It is definitely easier for me to talk in person than online though.

I believe that I’m a pretty normal guy. I don’t consider myself to be particularly intelligent or talented, but I do believe that I am intelligent and talented. I’m a decent person who tries to make people feel comfortable around them.

I also love to meet new people. I am usually the person in a group who will suggest meeting up with a few people I know. Although I am a very social person, I do enjoy my me-time and my quiet moments.

A lot of times when I am at home, hanging out with my family or just relaxing alone. I love to sit around the house in my sweats, no make-up on, music blasting, drinking coffee and just relaxing after a long day at work.


We are born under different circumstances, in different situations, with different sets of parents and a lot of people we pass our life with us. It’s a long journey but there is a turn that takes us to the one person who truly understands us.

There is nothing as beautiful as an original mind. It is an unequaled conviction of the value of one’s own attributes. It can achieve anything if tried. It helps in leading a life with a purpose and direction. You are what you think, your thoughts make you who you are.

I hope you like this myself essay. This post covers all your needs on the topic. Although if you have any queries regarding this feel free to ask.


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