Paragraph on Durga Puja

Paragraph on Durga Puja is the main subject matter of this post. If you are looking for an short essay on Durga Puja then this is the right place.

Here we discuss about Bengal’s greatest festival, Durga Puja.

This is a very short and simple paragraph on the festival, what it is? And how it occurs?


Short Paragraph on Durga Puja

The greatest festival of the Bangle is Durgapuja. Lakhs of people in West Bengal start counting days long before the Puja days actually come off.

The big colourful pandals, the hypnotic lights, the rituals, above all the large impressive crowds thronging the pandals are the features of Durga Puja every year.

But 2020 Durga Puja lacks all these familiar signs. The reason is not, of course, far to seek.

The pandemic of Covid-19 and the reasonable order of the High Court restricting the gathering of people, laying stress on social distancing are the causes behind the loss of colour and glamour added to the festival.


Covid-19 has forced the organizers to curtail the Puja celebrations to a great extent. The High Court has taken a wise step to put a ban on crowd hopping.

Unlike the previous years, this year shows no record mob before the pandal. The Theme of Puja is no longer
a charm to the people.

Actually, health and safety are more important than fun and enjoyment so far as covid-19 is concerned. The organizers have strictly followed the court order. A special thank should go to them.

people also refuse to go outside and lose themselves in the crowd. Puja will come and go definitely, but life once gone will never come back. Thanks to all for observing the Puja days in this manner.

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