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Pollution is a serious issue as it can cause various kind of problems to human being. It contains various types of air and water pollution, noise pollution and so on.

Pollution has the potential to severely damage the health and quality of not just of the environment

but it can also impede the development of humans.

Pollution is a problem we all talk about without actually solving it. We try to reduce pollution, but we do not think of the progress.

Paragraph on Pollution

Different people try different methods to deal with pollution at different levels and some even succeed in doing that. But, there are some countries which have taken up ways to remove and control the pollution in their own country by sustainable development model.

The aim of this paragraph is to enlighten you about the problems due to pollution and steps each country is taking to solve them.

Short Paragraph on Pollution

There are different types of pollution in our environment like Water, Air, Soil, Sound Pollution and so on. They affect the environment around us.

It causes diseases like fever, diarrhea even cancer. It also affects on animal kingdom as well. We know why Pollution is dangerous to us. Now we should think of what are effective ways to protect our environment


Environmental protection is one of the most significant challenges in the world today. As human beings, we have a duty to preserve and protect our environment.

We could use disposable items rather than plastics, and other non-disposable products. And tree plantation is one of the best way to make our environment pollution-free.

Paragraph on Pollution 100 Words

Here is a short paragraph on the pollution within 100 words that contains very simple and easy words. Specially for classes 4,5,6 students.

One of the major environmental issues of our time is pollution. When people are asked to define pollution, most of them will probably think about greenhouse gases and foul smelling liquid emanating from factories.

However, pollution is not just limited to air and water. A more subtle form of pollution is being caused by consumer products in our homes. These household items can sometimes be toxic and dangerous for both, our bodies and the environment as well.

Pollution is destroying our environment day by day. There are many things that could be done to reduce or stop this problem before it’s too late. Like tree plantation, usages of disposable items and so on.


Paragraph on Pollution 250 Words

Here is another short paragraph on pollution 250 words. This paragraph is well suited for the students of classes 7 and 8.

Pollution is the major cause of Global Warming which negatively affects human health and the environment. Technically, any change to the environment or human conditions can be considered as a pollution.

However, pollution defines itself as the dumping of pollutants or any other kind of waste into water, air or earth.

Millions of people around the globe are affected by air, water and soil pollution. There are various reasons for the pollution, one main cause is overpopulation, second industrialization, and 3rd the increasing use of vehicles these three issues are the main cause of emission.

Pollution causes many types of diseases such as malaria, diarrhea, etc in developing countries. So it should be taken care of much before it will result into any epidemic disease. Even it can cause many problems, like global warming and acid rain etc.

Pollution is a significant environmental issue that causes many problems. It has adverse effects on soil, water and human health. There are various types of pollution due to different sources but all have significant impacts on our environment.


There are many effective ways to reduce this pollution such as the increase of eco-friendly products like solar panels, hybrid cars etc.

And one of the most effective way to reduce all these pollutions is excessive tree plantations. Trees are the all time best friends for this entire living being.

There are various methods to reduce pollution. With the present day technology, information and educational programs, we can control many of our daily activities that cause pollution. In some countries, pollution has gone so high that it becomes impossible for both plants and animals to live.

Essay on Pollution

Here is a long descriptive essay on pollution. Describing the complete theme about pollution like it's causes, effects and most useful preventive ways as well.


  • Types of Pollution
  • Causes of Pollution
  • It’s Effects
  • Preventive ways

Pollution is one of the most serious problems that degrade our environment. It is a problem which should be addressed with utmost importance if we want to save our planet for future generations.

We are living in an environment where we are faced with different kinds of pollution. It has become a serious problem which must be dealt with at the earliest possible time.

Pollution is one of the major global issues we are facing today. For so long, humankind has been practicing harmful acts on earth’s environment but now it’s time to change those habits.

The climate is changing; the rising sea levels and temperatures are clear indications that something has gone terribly wrong with our planet.

Types of Pollution

Pollution is a term that has now become important in today’s world, because it is truly everywhere. Pollution comes in many different forms, but is most known for waste or garbage that is left unrefined or unmanaged.

There are numerous types of pollution categorized into three main ones: air pollution, water pollution, and soil pollution.

Causes of Pollution

Pollution, pollution and more pollution is ends up in our rivers and oceans. Its one of the main reasons for the damage of our forests, animals and birds getting killed.

People are using plastic very much which is also a main reason for pollution. People should use paper bags or other biodegradable things instead of plastic material.

It’s Effacts

Pollution is defined as the introduction of contaminants into an environment that changes and damages the quality of the natural environment, biosphere or human habitat.

The harmful effects of pollutants are a causal factor in certain health problems, such as cancer and heart disease; respiratory diseases and asthma; reproductive disorders; birth defects; food chain contamination or even sterility or death.

Preventive Ways

Make people realize the issues they are creating by doing simple things like using disposable items

The only solution to this problem is the way we do our things. We need to plant more trees, less use of plastics, water bottles and other disposable items.

Final Words

We are suffering from many health related issues due to pollution. Pollution has been a threat to our nature and environment which is the basic cause of our life. Pollution takes place in air, water, land and animals too.

It may be in the form of chemicals and waste or noise, light and other natural and health hazards such as space junk etc. In a broader sense, pollution includes everything that can be dangerous for people, animals or plants.

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