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School Picnic Essay For Class 1-10 in 150-200 Words

School Picnic Essay is a wonderful opportunity for the children of the school to get together and celebrate the hard work they had put in.

This essay will describe how to prepare and organize a successful picnic, give a brief background on picnics, and describe their emblematic meaning in human lives.


School picnic essay is the most favorite assignment among students of the coursework. In these, you have to describe your school picnic and tell what you liked the most about it in order to make your essay more interesting.

10 Lines on School Picnic

Read this small 10 lines on school picnic. These lines are very simple and short so that you could understand.

1. Every year our school organized a school picnic.

2. And for which I eagerly wait for the whole year.

3. I love that day as my all friends can get together and have lots of fun.

4. Our parents also join this picnic with all other teachers.

5. At first our school teachers select a place which is best suited for us.

6. Then they take the guardian’s decisions and finally approve.

7. We make a lot of things there we play, we wonder and make fun.


8. We also have delicious food like cake, egg, ice cream, biriani and many more.

9. During this day where we always learn a lot of things.

10. I love to travel with my parents and that is the day when I could spend my whole day with may parents.

My School Picnic Essay in English for Class 3 & 4

Here is a short my school picnic essay in English for class 3 & 4. Read this essay for your school task.

I remember my school picnic very well.

I think it was the most exciting picnic event that I ever had.

We went to the local Zoological park in the village.

We visited the area in a bus with full of joy and excitement.

The day was delightful, the weather was cold and perfect.

We visited lots of places where I saw wonderful pictures, animals, and birds.

All my friends and I had a great time at our school picnic.


We played different games like blind fly, car racing, football and others.

It was really fun and the prize of the game was lots of fun.

My School Picnic Essay in English for Class 5 & 6

Here is the My School Picnic Essay in English for Class 5 & 6. This is quite simple and easy to understand.

In the Winter, I visited a beautiful picnic spot with my school teacher.

It was situated in an oak forest.

The place where we went was a historic place.

It was a good place to spend time with family and friends.

There we learn a lot of lessons about the history and culture.

We had a wonderful picnic and enjoyed different delicious foods.

We play different games with our friends and teachers.

We played “Hide and Seek”, “Ludo”, and “Snake and Ladder”.

We also did some jogging around the sprawling garden.

It was really a great day for me to remember.


Essay on School Picnic 150 Words

This essay is about 150 words, read this and enjoy the reading.

To keep healthy we have to go out in a real environment, breathe the fresh air and enjoy the beauty of nature.

There are many occasions when we go out to visit places and attend gatherings with friends and family members.

The next day our school organize a picnic which was arranged by the school authorities.

All the students were eagerly waiting for this picnic as society provides relief from daily studies as well as routine life.

A bus was arranged in which students of different classes were accommodated.

All the students looked towards this day because they were either to bring their favorite food or a new dress to wear.

And it was the time when they came up with lot of new friends and played unending games.

School picnic is the most favorite event of the year. It gives students a chance to go out on a picnic and enjoy their break.

Essay on School Picnic 200 Words

And now this is the essay on school picnic 200 words. This essay is specially for school going students.

School picnics are held for the purpose of giving students and faculties time to interact in a relaxed environment outside of their regular classroom routine.

School picnics are not only held for amicable interaction, but it also serves as a venue for the sustenance of interpersonal relations. Picnics provide opportunities for socialization and networking between people who share an interest in the same topic or field.

A school picnic is organized by the teachers of a school as a way to allow students to have some fun outside the classroom and make them feel relaxed.

It plays an integral role in the development of children in our society. In an ideal world, school picnics should have a very special place amongst school routines.

At school, a single picnic can bring together teachers, students, parents and alumni. It is also an opportunity where parents get to meet each other as they might rarely attend school functions due to their busy schedules.

The school picnic is one of the most awaited events of the academic year. There are so many things to do during a school picnic which make it more enjoyable.

The most significant event of my high school career was when I attended my first school picnic. I am so grateful for it, because it was just the kind of experience I needed to learn some important lessons.


School picnics are a great way to bring together the members of the school community and celebrate. These functions are a major part of the festivity in schools.

The school picnic has always been a part of our basic education system and it has always given everyone a chance to march in unison towards an activity they all look forward to.

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