Sports and Games Essay

Sports and games essay for school going students, this essay is basically giving you knowledge about the importance of sports and games.


This a very simple essay written around 200 words. Very simple and easy words are being used.

So that everyone could easily understand the importance of sports and games through this essay.

Importance of Sports and Games Essay

The aim of education is the all round development of man’s personality. Obviously, the development of physical personality matters much in education.

Now games and sports are the best way to achieve a physical personality. Sound health is the first condition of a well-balanced personality.

By playing games we can build good health. They keep us alert and active, vibrant and vigorous. They also guard us against many ailments.

Again, games and sports teach us many manly virtues. We learn the value of discipline

, punctuality, and unity.

They are a good diversion from our daily worries and anxieties. They are a fine source of recreation and enjoyment.

Those who play games regularly develop a liking for honesty and integrity.

Participation in games is a must for a student. They learn team spirit and obedience, loyalty, and diligence from games and sports.

Students of today are the citizens of tomorrow. Naturally, they are to develop some fine habits and build good physiques.

Games and sports can provide them with much as a nation expects from them. As knowledge feeds the mind,
games and sports feed the body.

Hence Swamiji recommended that all youth should play games.

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