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Terrorist are a group of people who always think ill to any nation. Their main motive always is to harm people.

And terrorism is something like harming or doing something effective to the nation, bomb blasting, bankrupting, etc.



  • Terrorism, a global problem-
  • Some terrorist attacks-
  • Different terrorist activities-
  • The motive behind terrorist activities-
  • Effects-
  • How to curb it-

Essay on Terrorism

Terrorism is now a global problem. It is the greatest menace countered by almost all the countries to-day.

So terrorism is basically a planed deserter by a group of people. They trained themselves as like evil..


 And to fulfill their needs they come to a certain level of insane that they don’t hesitate to kill any human being.

The attacks on twin-towers of WTC on 11th September 2001 and the attack on the Parliament of India on 13th December 2001 and the attack on the Taj Hotel in Mumbai clearly point to the immense strength of hardcore terrorist groups and their powerful networks.


Kidnapping, hijacking planes, cross border terrorism, bombing, cyber terrorism are growing day by day.

The terrorists use terror as a weapon to fulfill their demands.

The effect of terrorism in all cases is the killing of innocent people on a large scale.

 Abject poverty, social and economical inequity, religious fanaticism, and ethnic or cultural crises are some factors behind the spread of terrorism.

To combat terrorism we need to rebuild our world on the principles of equality, tolerance, and universal brotherhood.

Mere enactment of laws will not do. All sane and sensible men must make a concerted bid to combat terrorism.

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Terrorism is a big issue in every country we must be more aware of them. If we will immediately inform to the help center.


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