The Impact of Social Media on Teenager Essay

In today’s society, the influence of technology and media has taken a new turn. Teenagers are now influenced by social media and are prone to use it more often and face more constant problems in their daily lives due to this. The impact of social media on teenager essay will show you how it effects.

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Many of the young generations are dependent on social media to connect with people all over the world. There are several positive and negative impacts of social media on teenagers. This essay aims at discussing the positive and negative impacts of social media on teenagers.

The Impact of Social Media on Teenager Essay 150 Words

It was just 10 years ago when social media started to take over the world. Nowadays it is hard to find a person without a social media account.

It has changed the ways we communicate and interact with each other forever. Social networking platforms have become extremely popular today, with endless numbers of users that help make these sites more diverse and important to individuals across the globe.


However, everything comes with a price; the benefits of using social media have come with negatives regarding how it impacts our lives as well as relationships with other people and family members.


A survey from Common Sense Media (CSM) shows that teenagers spend at least nine hours on social media every day and spend some or most of their sleeping time on devices such as phone or tablets connected to the Internet (Chase).

To sum up, one impact of social media on teenagers is that they are united like never before, but also isolated from each other.

The Impact of Social Media on Teenager Essay 250 Words

Internet is a valuable source of information, but it also has some disadvantages. We are able to connect with people all over the world, but on the other hand this can be very dangerous; there are many scam pages and phishing sites which we could fall into easily.

What is the Impact of Social Media on the Teenagers These days, social media is a major part of our lives. It does not only serve as a mean to stay in touch with friends and family but it even serves as a way to broadcast one’s personality.

However, like all good things, it also bears certain risks that may not be apparent at first glance. That is why people need to take note of this and avoid falling prey to it as much as they can.


Research on the impact of social media on teenagers is highly controversial. This is because it is a matter that all parents and adolescents should be concerned with.

According to both academic and non-academic research, social media has affected the social relationships of teenagers in various ways.

The negative effect of social media has divided researchers into two groups; one group sees social media as a virtual bullying platform while the other group sees it as a symptom and not a cause of mental health problems among adolescents.

Therefore, parents and adolescents need to be aware of the various effects of social media on teenagers in order to protect themselves.

Negative Impact of Social Media on Teenager Essay

Social media platforms have grown to become a powerful part of our lives. Nowadays, people can’t live without social media.

We all have Facebook and Twitter accounts and post pictures on Instagram. It is not a wonder that Social Media reached its current level of success. But what most users don’t recognize is the negative impact of social media on teenagers…

Nowadays, people love to be around their smartphones as it is a modern day tool for communication. But, do you know that your teenagers indulging them in too much use of social media are at risk of ill-effects?


It makes them socially isolated and reduces their concentration in the class-room. If a teenager is spending his more time in front of his smartphones, then there are a few probable reasons.

Social media has been detrimental in teenagers’ lives, affecting their development and harming their mental health. There is proof that indicates that an excessive use of social media can cause depression and anxiety, stress. People who suffer from this condition are extremely connected to the internet.

Social media is dangerous for teens due to bullying and harassment, the negative impact on the brain, and how it encourages children to grow up too fast. The constant activity of social media can be bad for teens because it takes away from face-to-face relationships.

Positive Impact of Social Media on Teenager Essay

In this century of technological progress, social media provides us with many facilities. There is a positive impact of it on teenager.

For example, it allows young people to contact their friends, aware of celebrities news and access to the latest information. But in my opinion, teens should not go beyond the use of social media for it can be dangerous in some cases.

Though teenagers are socially active, they are also over-exposed to social media. Social media has been blamed for things like cyberbullying and bad grammar, but the truth is that it can have a very positive effect on teenagers.

It helps teenagers connect with one another and stay up-to-date with the world around them. It provides them opportunities to express themselves and organize political movements. Social media even provides teenagers with outlets that have been clinically shown to help prevent depression and related mental illnesses.

Today, social media has destroyed the lives of many teenagers. But if you use it responsibly and in a positive way, it can have both short-term and long-term benefits.

The Impact of Facebook on Youths Essay

Facebook has become the number one social networking site effective at helping people connect and share information with others worldwide. However, maintaining a Facebook page can also have many detrimental effects on youths and society as a whole.

Facebook is one of the social media platforms which allow you to make friends and interact with people around us. The Internet has made the world a global village. It allows its users to share photos, music, videos, and status updates to their friends.

Currently, there are over 1 billion Facebook users. This shows how much prevalent Facebook is in our lives. Though social media is extremely popular, it has its pros and cons but we can’t deny that Facebook has many important uses in our everyday society as well as its harmful effects on teenagers/youths.

Facebook is an incredibly social sites that connect people with each other, for most of people in the world. Most of the youths and kids spend a lot of time with Facebook on daily basis, and they like to share the personal information online with their friends.

According to my opinion, Facebook is harmful and dangerous to youth’s life because it can change their behavior and felling toward another people in the real life. Besides, I think that it might be decrease the attention to studies of the students who spend a lot of time online everyday.


Teenagers have obtained a life style of their own. The teenagers have been challenged by society’s demands, which would require them to be assertive and competent in a world that is changing continuously.

Social network sites are booming at present and are turning into a major part of the life for teenagers all around the globe. Social network sites becoming an important part of our everyday lives connecting with friends and family, sharing photos online and staying updated with new happenings in people’s lives.

Social media has proved to be a great source for negative impact on teenagers. The young generation is affected by the way of life that is displayed in social media. These effects are visible both physically and psychologically depending on the re-actions on different levels.


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