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5 Creative and Unexpected Uses of a Convex Mirror

Convex mirror is one of the different kinds of mirrors which is made from curved surfaces to reflect a clear image. This different type of mirror can be set up in your home, or another business location but has a special use in some industries. If you are looking for uses of convex mirror installation, then you have come to the right place.


The word Convex mirror is a type of mirror with a bulge in the middle. It bends the rays of light that pass through it in such a way that it forms an image. Convex mirrors have some very important uses in our day to day life which we will discuss here.

It gives a high reflection when it is compared to any other mirror. In this article, I am going to tell you about the uses of Convex mirrors and it’s interesting things as well as applications.

What is Convex Mirror?

Convex mirrors are mirrors that have a bulge in the middle. These are special types of mirrors that according to the law of reflection, a ray of light is always refracted at convex mirrors.

Five Uses of Convex Mirror

Convex mirrors have many practical uses in everyday life. They help you see things that are otherwise very hard to see. Here is the list of five uses of convex mirrors.


1. This type of mirror is sometimes referred to as a diverging mirror.

2. Convex mirrors can be used to reflect a larger picture, give a magnified view.

3. They are used for more than safety and security purposes.

4. It is also used in apartments and buildings.

5. These mirrors are even used as Street light reflectors.

Convex Mirror

Uses of Convex Mirror in Daily Life

The Convex mirror is now used in many devices in our daily life. and here I’ll introduce some of them to you.


People have been using convex mirrors for a long time. Almost anyone who has purchased a pair of glasses or happened to see himself in the reflection of a convex mirror has already discovered one of its practical uses. But not every person knows how this device works, or even all its various applications.

The convex mirror uses in daily life:

  • Convex mirrors uses as rear-view mirrors vehicles.
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  • Convex mirrors uses of street light reflectors.
  • Convex mirrors in ATMs as security purposes.
  • Security purposes in Parking places, Inside Buildings & Offices.

Convex mirrors uses as rear-view mirrors vehicles:

Honda Motor, one of the most famous Japanese car manufacturers and the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer using convex mirrors as a vehicle’s rear-view mirror and it helps to reduce blind spots. They provide a wider field of view than normal mirrors.

Convex Mirrors Uses of Street Light Reflectors:

Convex mirrors use street light reflectors using solar energy for street lighting, when the lights are large enough and high altitude, far away from all the small lights at night it will look like a small moon in front of it.

Convex Mirrors in ATMs as Security Purposes:

Convex mirrors are installed at ATMs in order to view the blind spot in which a person standing at the ATM may be attacked or robbed. Therefore to look at the backword view Convex mirrors are placed in ATMs.

Security purposes in Parking places, Inside Buildings & Offices:


They can be found in parking lots and offices and they are a great tool for security purposes. You could use them to see what is going on that you cannot see directly or avoid being seen by intruders.

Uses of Convex Mirror

Uses of Convex Mirrors Class 10

Convex mirrors are one of the most commonly used security mirrors due to their ability to provide wider views. Convex security mirrors in a parking lot or garage can provide wider views of objects at the sides of the mirror.

Convex mirrors are used in a large number of places and ways. They are used for many functions as you can use as street light reflectors or as a mirror in your house to avoid breaking the real mirrors. They can be also used for security purposes to protect parking lots, inside buildings, and offices.

A convex mirror hanging inside a building can allow a security guard or office worker to see people approaching them from behind. Convex mirrors are often used as oscillating mirrors because they are able to move back and forth slightly, or tilt up and down slightly, so they can scan a wide area.

Uses of Convex and Concave Mirror

Convex mirror is the mirror that bulges outward. Concave mirror on the other hand is somewhat like a bowl, it gathers light and tends to bring it forward.

Convex mirrors are useful in different fields such as medicine and astronomy. Concave mirrors are used for the same purposes in addition to some other activities or jobs.

Convex mirrors and concave mirrors are two different types of mirrors used in a number of settings. Whether it’s for a home or office, convex mirrors are often used for cosmetic purposes, while concave mirrors are mainly used for medical reasons, though they can also be employed in many other fields, from aerospace engineering to remote sensing.

Uses of Convex Mirror

Examples of Convex Mirror & Concave Mirror

Convex mirrors are used to make something look smaller. Concave mirrors are used to make something look bigger. Let’s take a look at examples of both.

Convex Mirrors :
  • ATMs mirrors
  • Rearview mirrors in vehicles.
  • Street lights mirrors.
  • Magnifying glass.
  • Telescope.
  • Mirror in corners of the road to avoid accidents.
  • Parking place mirrors.
  • Apartment mirrors.
Concave Mirrors :
  • Dental mirrors.
  • Shaving mirrors.
  • Headlights of vehicles.
  • Reflecting telescopes.
  • Solar furnace.
  • Ophthalmoscope.

The convex mirrors and concave mirrors are the types of mirror that is used for seeing objects behind it.

Conclusion :

We see around us at least one or two mirrors. They are basically used for making the image clear and sharp, either in our house or on the way. Mirrors are used for many other purposes, as well.

Convex mirrors and concave mirrors are two opposite types of mirrors that have different shapes of mirrors. The convex mirror is shaped like a sphere, but with a flat bottom. Concave mirrors are shaped like a crescent.

Many people know what a convex mirror is. But very few people actually know how to use a convex mirror properly. This article will discuss the many uses of convex mirrors and some interesting examples where you can see them in action. These are small things, but when we add all of them together, suddenly this seemingly useless object becomes useful.



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