Water Pollution Essay

water pollution essay for kids within 200 words. Read carefully and learn more regarding an essay on water pollution.

This is a very short paragraph on water pollution. Specially for kids, for class 5-10. I hope you will like water pollution short essay.


Water Pollution Essay 10 Lines for Kids

This water pollution essay is written in 10 lines, within 100 words specially for kids.

1. Water pollution is a major problem in almost all the countries today.

2. Even though, we might have gained much technological advancement and human knowledge about the environment and pollution.

3. But still it remains on top of environmental hazards and threats.

4. The most common cause of water pollution is throwing or disposal of garbage in rivers and seas.

5. The pollution in water is usually of roads, pesticides, fertilizers, industrial wastes etc.


6. It is caused by many factors such as dumping of untreated wastes in water bodies.

7. And also by discharge of industrial wastes without any treatment.

8. It can also take place due to natural causes like volcanic eruptions, landslides, forest fires and floods.

9. And the effect is water living creatures are heavily affected- Crab, Fish, Seal, Octopus, Shark and others too.

10. Human being are also affected by this, So we must take preventive steps to refresh water.

Water Pollution Essay

Water Pollution Essay in English | 150 Words

This water pollution essay in English is written in 150 words, specially for class 4, 5, 6.

The Ganga is the main river of India. Immense is its contribution to the progress and prosperity of the nation.

Hence people worship and adore the river. But it is a pity that the mainstream of civilization is awfully polluted.

Pollution of the River is a serious threat to our civilization. Tons of various pollutants have been polluting the water of the the river.

Industrial wastes, untreated sewage, domestic garbage, effuents from power generation and oil tankers polluted the river.

The pollution level in the water is alarmingly high at present.

Researchers warn people that water now turns into poison. The major cities like Beneras, Kanpur, Lucknow, Delhi and Kolkata dump wastes daily into the Ganga.


The pollution does incalculable damage to the human beings and the acquatic animals.

The Government has adopted concrete plans to save the river and it’s water from pollution.

But only government effort can’t do any miracle. People should be aware of their duties to their main source of life and sustenance, culture, and civilization.

Water Pollution Essay 200 Words

Read this water pollution essay in 200 words for class 7, 8, 9, 10.

Water pollution is an important topic when we take into consideration our health and the environment.

Pollution is defined as the contamination of water resources by human or natural waste.

This form of pollution can spread disease, destroy the ecosystem of aquatic habitat, and in some cases even cause death.

Water pollution is a serious problem in our society that could have devastating consequences.

The water supply can easily become contaminated with bacteria, lead, agricultural chemicals, and other harmful substances that will negatively impact the quality of life.

There are many causes for the degradation of water pollution in our society such as urban runoff from eroded surfaces like roadways, agricultural runoff from farms, polluted stormwater from cities, and pet waste (116).

The best form of pollution is the pollution that never happens.

This is why it is important to spread awareness about keeping the environment healthy. Through recycling and minimizing clean water pollution.

If you would like to start a recycling program at your school, apartment building, company, or outdoor organization, we have the right information for you- Water Recycling Program.


So we must focus on how to prevent water pollution, as we all know water is life. It is our duty to save water from pollution. We should take action to make pollution-free water.

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