Why Was Lauren Boebert Removed from Beetlejuice Show?

In the realm of political theater, Rep. Lauren Boebert is no stranger to the spotlight. However, when the curious case of “Why Was Lauren Boebert Removed from Beetlejuice Show” emerged, it was a drama of a different kind.

As the story unfolds, we’ll explore the accusations, responses, and the wider implications of this theatrical escapade that thrust “Why Was Lauren Boebert Removed from Beetlejuice Show

” into the limelight, capturing the attention of both political aficionados and theater buffs alike.

The congresswoman’s presence at the Buell Theatre in Denver during a performance of the acclaimed “Beetlejuice” musical left both political pundits and theater enthusiasts asking, “Why Was Lauren Boebert Removed from Beetlejuice Show?” Join us as we unravel the intricacies of this unexpected incident that brought politics to the stage, not as a performance but as an enigmatic real-life drama.

Why Was Lauren Boebert Removed from Beetlejuice Show?

In the world of politics, one might expect drama and controversy to follow certain figures wherever they go. For Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.), controversy seems to have a way of finding her, even when she ventures beyond the walls of Congress. The latest episode in the Boebert saga unfolded at the Buell Theatre in Denver during a performance of the popular musical “Beetlejuice.” The congresswoman’s ejection from the show left many curious about the details and reasons behind this unexpected incident.


The Setting: “Beetlejuice” at the Buell Theatre

Before delving into the specifics, let’s set the stage. “Beetlejuice,” a Broadway adaptation of the iconic 1988 Tim Burton film, had been enchanting audiences at the Buell Theatre in Denver. Known for its zany and outrageous humor, the musical promised a night of entertainment and escapism. However, the night took an unexpected turn when Rep. Lauren Boebert entered the scene.


The Accusations: What Led to Boebert’s Removal?

Multiple reports and an incident report obtained by the Colorado Sun shed light on the events that led to Boebert’s removal from the “Beetlejuice” performance. The accusations included vaping, singing, recording the show, and disruptive behavior.

During the performance, staff received complaints from fellow patrons who alleged that Boebert and her companion were causing a disturbance. The disruption allegedly involved vaping, loud singing, excessive cellphone use, and recording the performance. This led to the first warning issued to Boebert and her companion during intermission.


However, instead of complying, the situation escalated. Boebert and her guest reportedly became argumentative, insisting that they were in harmony with those around them. Minutes later, theater officials received another complaint about their behavior. At this point, they were asked to leave the theater.

The Departure: Did Boebert Refuse to Leave?

The incident report stated that Boebert and her companion initially refused to leave when asked. Venue officials warned them that they would involve the Denver Police if necessary. Eventually, Boebert and her guest left the theater.

Boebert’s Response: Denying the Allegations

Following the incident, Drew Sexton, Boebert’s campaign manager, disputed the allegations. He stated that Boebert was not vaping during the show and suggested that the heavy fog machines and electronic cigarettes used in the performance may have led to a misunderstanding by someone sitting nearby.

Boebert herself took to social media to express her enjoyment of the musical, admitting to laughing and singing too loudly. She encouraged others to see the show, but with a gentle reminder to leave their phones outside the venue to fully immerse themselves in the theatrical experience.


The Venue’s Perspective: Strict Enforcement of Rules

Brian Kitts, director of marketing and communications for Denver Arts and Venues, emphasized that Boebert and her companion were asked to leave due to “numerous complaints” from fellow patrons about their inappropriate behavior. The venue’s strict enforcement of its no-photo policy was also highlighted by Sexton.

A History of Controversy: Boebert’s Political Journey

Before her time in Congress, Boebert had made headlines for various reasons, including arrests and summonses. Her re-election in 2020 was closely contested, with her Democratic challenger, Adam Frisch, citing her controversial comments and reputation as a firebrand Republican as distractions for her district.

Conclusion: The Night Politics Met Broadway

The ejection of Rep. Lauren Boebert from the “Beetlejuice” musical at the Buell Theatre in Denver may have been an unexpected turn of events, but it certainly added a new chapter to her colorful political journey. Whether it was a case of misunderstanding or a genuine disturbance, this incident served as a reminder that in the world of politics, even a night at the theater can become a political spectacle.

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