Wonder of Science Essay in 150,200,250,500 words

Science has brought us so much. It has advanced medicine, provided better working conditions, and advanced our knowledge of the universe. I think that science is a gift to the human race that should not only be preserved, but also improved and perfected.

Here is some wonder of science essays that will show you what science really does mean in our everyday life.

So if you are looking for wonder of science essay in 150,200,250,500 words which covers class 5 to 12 students, then definitely you are at the right place. Check out these essays and explore the knowledge of science.


Wonder of Science Essay Introduction

In the world of today, almost everything is dependent on technology and science. Even something as basic as heating your food or lighting your home involves the use of some scientific invention.

This means that, most people tend to take science for granted. However, if you look closely at your life, you will notice just how many scientific developments are a part of it.


These are just a few examples to understand how important science and technology are in our lives every day.

Wonder of Science Essay 9th Class Easy

Wonder of Science Essay 9th Class Easy Step by step guide to write a science essay.

When it comes to the field of science, we may not always be able to realize its importance and significance at the first instance.

Also, we often wonder about the added value of this field in our day to day life. Science is a very broad field that affects us directly or otherwise in many aspects like health,  transportation etc.

Science has played a very important role in the field of human life. Many inventions that have helped mankind to do the work easily and effectively are based on principles of science.

Science is the systematic study of the universe and nature that tries to understand the fundamentals of existence. It has the ability to improve your daily life by giving you a better understanding of how to live well.


Wonder of Science Essay 150 Words

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We all know that without science there would be no living. Science gives us means of comfort in our day-to-day lives. The day has so many happening as you get up in the morning and go to bed at night.

Starting from the alarm clock, which helps you get up on time for school/college, to your mobile phones, to your doors and windows -all the things that we use in our day to day lives from the morning to the night revolves around science.

There is science in everything we see and use daily. We all have come to rely on science to make our lives easier, from brushing our teeth in the morning to driving a car or flying in an airplane to work.

Science and technology are the most vital pillars of our society. Science is mostly connected to physics, chemistry, biology and their applications to create a better tomorrow. The power we made with these sciences gives the ability to move forward in our lives.

Wonder of Science Essay 200 Words

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With the fast growing technology, Science has Play an unique role in helping us in every step in our daily life. It’s help us to understand the world around us, and also develop ways to solve problems which we have never imagined before.

There was a time when man used to live like animals. The complete responsibility to come out of the jungle fell on the shoulders of man’s ability. In this case, he survived on his physical strength along with his wit. And he needed nothing but elementary things for survival. But as time passed by, things changed. Now, Man is living in a completely modern world which is just impossible to imagine without inventions.

We are living in the age of technology. We have anything available for us if we want. Even we can see that every day new inventions are coming in science.

The world is becoming more and more science based, technology based every day. We use many technical things in our daily life without noticing that the technologies behind those things are all contributions of science. Science is the backbone of technology. Science is the result of human’s continuous quest to find answers to unknown elements of the universe.

Wonder of Science Essay 250 Word English

The Wonder of Science Essay 250 Word English below will not only make you appreciate the role of science in your life, but also give you a new way of looking at how miraculous-assisted-by-science many things are.

We use a lot of things in our daily life which would be impossible to find anywhere in this world without the science. A pen is one of those things which we all use yet no one knows about its amazing invention.


We use things every day which are all contributions of science. Light, fans and cars everything revolves around science.

From the moment we wake up, science is around us. Science and technology play a huge role in our everyday lives. From the alarm clock to quickly get us out of bed, to toothpaste, which makes our teeth look white, science is present in almost everything we do.

Wonders of science help us in our day-to-day life. Science makes our life free from any problems which is a big achievement.

There are lot of things around us, which are contribution of science.  We the people can’t do without science even a single moment. The roads in cities, or the path to reach any place, or the electricity in our houses are all because of science.

We all know that we live in a world of science and technology. We are surrounded by useful objects, devices and machines in every aspect of our lives; from the moment we wake up till the moment we go to bed.

Science is defined as ‘the state of knowing: knowledge as distinguished from ignorance or misunderstanding’. Science can also be described as a system of acquiring knowledge based on the scientific method.

Wonder of Science Essay 500 Words

In this Wonder of Science Essay 500 Words let us concentrate on science and technology as a whole and their applications.

Science has given us a lot of benefits that nobody can deny. However, there are people who don’t realize how important science is and just how much it has helped us.

Science has always had a positive impact on our way of life. The most popular modes of travel, communication, home appliances and so on, have all been affected by science and technology.

But you can observe this fact everywhere in every day details of your life–like the alarm clock which helps you get up on time for school/college, to your mobile phones and different types of electronic gadgets like computers, laptops, TV etc., to your doors which play an important role in safety and security of your home.

If we move further to the doors and windows -all the things that we use in our day to day lives from the morning to the night revolves around science.

We all have experienced the benefits of science, some obvious while others are hidden. Today, we live a very comfortable life with almost everything on our fingertips.

We don’t have to travel hour s to get a cup of tea, but one can be delivered at home within a few minutes. This is just an invention of science but innumerable things have been discovered and applied that make our lives easy and comfortable.

The influence of science has changed our life style in most ways. Science is the main reason that we can live in a better environment, have a more comfortable and protected home, have enough food and even get to the moon!

Never think of science as a dull subject. Science is a gorgeous and wonderful subject, which brings so many practical things in our lives that we cannot live without them.

Science is the most powerful tool for progression and innovation. Through the ages, it has helped us to master nature and translate our needs into useful applications.

Science is so important to our lives that we don’t even realize how it helps us. We are using the changes in same day for good reasons.

Science and technology shape our world. The smartphones that we hold in our hands have transformed the way we communicate with each other.

They’ve made it possible to keep up-to-date with distant relatives via social networking websites. These same gadgets are also capable of providing accurate weather forecasts, aiding us in driving directions, 3-D modeling and scientific research.

Science and technology are the most vital pillars of our society. Science is mostly connected to physics, chemistry, biology and their applications to create a better tomorrow. The power we made with these sciences gives the ability to move forward in our lives.

It’s hard to imagine life without science and technology today. From the alarm clock that wakes us up every morning, to your mobile phones, or the doorbell, or windows in your house -all the things that you use in your day-to-day life are a product of science/technology with its applications.

Working with Science and Technology, we are able to build our future world. Science gives us the power to move on to a better place. The human race has need of science and technology when facing new problems and issues. We will always be in the need of science and technology.


In Wonder of Science Essay, there are a lot of scientific facts which will make you aware of how amazing the world of science is. This essay will help you to learn more about the world where most of the technology and twists are present. It will not only enhance your knowledge but also will develop an interest in science and research.



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